Kids Knit Active Attitude

kids knit Mar 25, 2019

I love teaching my Kids Knitters at Stockbridge Primary School every week. They are truly a delight! I love how full of chat they are when they come into the class, eagerly telling me about what’s going on in their lives. And I really, really love how much they love knitting.  It makes me very happy because that’s what I set up my classes for in the first place.

I’ve been introducing my little learners to the whole idea of “Above and Below the line”… Have you heard about this? I learned it from my business coach (definitely deserving of a shout out here – Alan Smith of Action Coach) and I love it – It’s really helpful for all of us if we understand it properly. My Kids Knitters always ask me to draw it all up on the white board and add to it as the lesson progresses. See below!

So, below the Big Red Line (as my Kids Knitters call it) is the place where you deny responsibility, blame mistakes or problems on...

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Meet Jaki, our Star Knitter at Knit Night & Day classes in Cramond and Blackhall

knit night & day Jan 01, 2019

Fiona Campbell teaches Knit Night & Day classes in the Cramond and Blackhall area of Edinburgh. One of her popular classes takes place on Tuesday mornings in a beautiful conservatory in Ye Olde Inn in Davidsons Mains. Fiona thought it would be fun to introduce one of her knitting companions, so please meet Jaki, this month’s Star Knitter!

Hello Jaki!  Who taught you to knit and how long ago?

My granny taught me when I was about 5 or 6.  I knitted up until my mid-twenties, then I got diverted!  I knitted on and off over the years but not successfully – I had a good friend who finished projects for me!

What do you like about Fiona’s classes?

I like the friendship and banter.  It’s a very sociable group.

What kind of thing do you enjoy knitting most?

I’m now addicted to Fair Isle!

What do you like about knitting?

I find it very therapeutic, and it keeps your brain active, and when you actually complete something...

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Meet Claire Pereira, knitting teacher in Kings Heath and Moseley

knitting meet the teacher Nov 26, 2018

Claire Pereira teaches knitting and crafting classes in Kings Heath and Moseley. Her classes are popular, so if you want to join in the fun, you can find out about booking your spot here.

We thought you’d like to find out what makes Claire tick…

How did you learn to knit? I learnt to knit as a child when a family friend showed me and started knitting again as an adult when I wanted a hobby that gave an outlet for creativity and imagination (working as a clinician in the NHS with 2 young children had made this difficult!) and help maintain good mental health following a period of anxiety and depression.

What kind of thing do you like to knit?  I think there is a project for every occasion and what I like to knit is usually determined by the situation. I currently have about 7 projects on the go. For example, I have my ‘Netflix’ project (a super easy stripped snood in stockinette stitch that doesn’t require focus and concentration that I...

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Kids Knit as seen on TV!

kids knit Feb 28, 2018

Since Kids Knit is the UK and Ireland’s premiere children’s knitting programme, we were rather chuffed when the BBC approached our franchisee, Samira Hill, to film one of her Kids Knit classes for a Cbeebies tv show called Down On The Farm.

The Cbeebies film crew braved the snowy weather and arrived one cold Saturday morning at the venue (a gorgeous cafe called Cafe U in Kelso whose scrumptious soup, sandwiches and scones I am happy to recommend), and set up a mini studio to film our little Kids Knitters.

We created a lovely filming environment with all our gorgeous knitted blankets, cushions, throws and cute knitted toys, our beautiful home made knitting needles and baskets of scrumptious wool in delightful colours.  Maddison, Paige, Hope, Kansiray, his mum Geraldine and Samira performed with confidence and poise in front of the cameras ….  and then 5 hours later it was all over!

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