Knitting and Crochet with Deafblind Scotland by Alison McKie

I have had the immense privilege of facilitating a knitting and crochet group with members of Deafblind Scotland for the past few years.

“How do dual sensory impaired people knit - or crochet?” is a question I am frequently asked. After all, even those of us who do not have sight or hearing problems often struggle! Quite simply as all knitters and crocheters know, both crafts are very tactile, and with such a finely honed sense of touch, the members are often aware of “errors” in their work, which they can feel, but which I can hardly see! More than once I have reassured someone that what they feel as an imperfection, will not be seen, or noticed, by anyone else!

Initially the group was a face-to-face group, held in Deafblind Scotland’s national headquarters in a Glasgow suburb. The majority of members were assisted by a guide communicator, who translated what I was saying into British Sign Language (BSL). For those who have very limited...

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