I'm Kerry Kimber and I'm on a mission to get the world knitting! Having run my own successful small business teaching knitting classes since 2010, and as the creator of the award winning Kids Knit programme for children, I specialise in training and supporting knitters to run their own successful businesses teaching knitting and crafting classes in their local areas, wherever in the world they may live. 

Do you want to own your own business delivering knitting classes? Or maybe you just want start and sustain a friendly and informal weekly Knit Night or group at your local school? I am here to help make your dream come true! Coaching and business know-how form the backbone of the support I provide in the Knitting For All Teacher Membership. This will enable you to establish a successful and resilient small business that delivers your desired work life balance. And importantly, you will get hundreds of patterns, projects and activities so you can teach in a variety of settings with new ideas and activities at your fingertips.



If you are looking for a knitting teacher, you've come to the right place. Our Knitting For All teachers are passionate and knowledgeable about knitting and enthusiastic about sharing their love for this incredible craft. More than that, they are well informed on the practicalities of delivering classes to children, teenagers and adults, having received training in many aspects of teaching, including classroom management, hospitality and communication skills, safe-guarding of vulnerable groups and health and safety protocols. The patterns and projects they offer are fun, attractive and popular among all age groups and abilities. 




I had always known that I wanted my four children to knit, believing that it was an important, life-enhancing skill. But I knew they could find it difficult to start with and I wanted to make sure I taught them in a way that would encourage and enthuse them from the start. So I spent time considering how and when to approach it.  In 2010 I showed my eldest two children how to make their own knitting needles and then they began knitting with beautiful Rowan Big Wool.
It was a great success and I quickly saw the potential for teaching other children. My experience as an award winning Art and Design teacher helped me to develop the Kids Knit course, a comprehensive program for children from the age of 5. Kids Knit immediately took off and within a year I had started to recruit other teachers to help with the demand for classes. Knit Night & Day for adults and Young People Knit (YPK) for teens were soon added, creating a portfolio of teaching programmes for all ages.

Since then the Knitting For All team have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the delivery of our courses. Together we have established ways of doing things that really work. Our patterns and carefully chosen yarns are a crucial part of our teaching technique, as is our approach to classroom management.


Here and Now

Partnering with Rowan Yarns. 
With a shared passion for education, the two companies are a great match.  As the teams work together, we combine a wealth of knowledge and experience which will enhance the development of our education programmes and enable us to support greater numbers of teachers as they deliver knitting classes.