Why starting a craft business in December is a good idea!

business coaching Nov 30, 2022

If you're an aspiring craft teacher starting your business might be the last thing on your mind as we enter into the madness of December! BUT, if you can find a spare moment, it's also a great time to start actively thinking about your business plan, especially the research and development stages and here's why!:

1. December can be the busiest time of year for small craft businesses so it's a great time to research what's already going on in your local area.  There are always plenty of markets, workshops and fairs happening, so check out; local Facebook groups, local magazines, posters in cafes etc. and keep your ear to the ground to find out what's going on.  Things to take note of are the kind of workshops being offered, how much is being charged, what age group are they aimed at and also products people are selling and for how much.  Have fun exploring!

2.  It's a great time for making resources. Another super fun part of developing a craft teaching business...

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