Kids Knit Active Attitude

kids knit Mar 25, 2019

I love teaching my Kids Knitters at Stockbridge Primary School every week. They are truly a delight! I love how full of chat they are when they come into the class, eagerly telling me about what’s going on in their lives. And I really, really love how much they love knitting.  It makes me very happy because that’s what I set up my classes for in the first place.

I’ve been introducing my little learners to the whole idea of “Above and Below the line”… Have you heard about this? I learned it from my business coach (definitely deserving of a shout out here – Alan Smith of Action Coach) and I love it – It’s really helpful for all of us if we understand it properly. My Kids Knitters always ask me to draw it all up on the white board and add to it as the lesson progresses. See below!

So, below the Big Red Line (as my Kids Knitters call it) is the place where you deny responsibility, blame mistakes or problems on something or someone else and make excuses. In Kids Knit classes it manifests as “Something weird has happened”, “My stitches fell off”, “No one told me how to do that”.

Above the Big Red Line is where you take responsibility for a problem you face. You are accountable and recognise that you have the power to fix your problem. In Kids Knit classes, this manifests as “I’ve made a mistake here”, “I can see that I’ve dropped a stitch and I’m working out how to pick it up again”.

Being above the Big Red Line puts you in the driving seat of your problem and empowers you to take action and do something about it.

Being below the Big Red Line makes you a victim of your problem, a passive bystander, incapable of making changes.

My Kids Knitters are very familiar with this whole concept now  (I’ve been going on about it for months!) and now describe themselves as having the Kids Knit Active Attitude!  I think learning this concept will help my Kids Knitters in all sorts of areas of their lives.

Proof that learning to knit is about so much more than just learning to knit!


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