Meet the Coach - Emelye Webster

You'll find an extended interview about Emelye in the Spring 2023 Rowan Newsletter, coming soon!

Hi there! I'm Emelye. I look after this blog page and I do hope you enjoy our posts as much as I enjoy creating them. I have been working with Knitting For All for a few months now so I thought it was about time I introduced myself properly and told you a bit about my Knitting For All journey! 

It all started in 2012 when Knitting For All was in it's infancy I taught a small Saturday class in the Portobello area of Edinburgh, Scotland. Then as Knitting For All grew and adapted I was lucky enough to move on to owning a Knitting For All franchise and had several classes for all ages in the Stockbridge and Tollcross areas of Edinburgh. 

When I was pregnant with my second child we moved and I gave up knitting teaching for a while to focus on being at home with my two small children. At this point though my franchise was doing so well I was able to sell it as a going concern. 

In 2021, after a few years break from knitting teaching and in the depths the Covid-19 pandemic I decided to look up Knitting For All and see how Kerry and my fellow knitting teachers were getting on. I found out that Knitting For All was no longer made up of franchises but a membership program had been started instead. I had always been keen to teach knitting again some day and also knew that I wanted to do this with Knitting For All as nothing beats their Kids Knit and Knit Night and Day classes! A franchise would be have been too much to take on at that point as I now had another job and a family but a more flexible membership model could fit into my new lifestyle perfectly! So at the end of 2021 I joined the membership and my business Knit with Em was born! Through Knit with Em I teach children and adults knitting, crochet and macrame at a variety of local venues in Dumfries, South West Scotland and the surrounding area, where I am now based. 

Then, in late 2022 I was delighted to be invited to work directly with Kerry at Knitting For All to help with the running and growing of the business. I am now brand manager and coach for Knitting For All which involves keeping social media up to date, managing the newsletters and mailing lists and running coaching sessions for our wonderful members. If you get in touch with us it will normally be me that you hear from and I am also the person behind the social media posts and newsletter. I LOVE to hear from people who are interested in teaching knitting so if you would like more information about Knitting For All my inbox is always open [email protected]. We can even arrange a casual no-strings attached chat if you’d like to speak to me in person and get some more information about how we can support you.

In my role it is such a privilege to be able to keep in touch with and get to know our members. They are truly fantastic so I was keen to show them off to the world through the spotlight the teacher campaign we are running this year. It's been a lot of fun so far! See our social media for all the info (links below)!

I am so excited for the future of Knitting For All and my mission is to continue to support our current members as much as I can and bring them the best coaching sessions. I would love to welcome more people from all corners of the world to join Knitting For All so like me, they can reap the benefits of being part of such a great network and organisation.  

Have a great March! ~ Emelye xx

Facebook: @knittingforallhq
Instagram: @knittingforall.hq


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