Five reasons you should knit on holiday

knitting Jul 01, 2020

1:  Get into holiday mode. The holiday feeling starts the moment you begin choosing your patterns and shopping for your holiday yarn.  Enjoy perusing and squishing until you find the perfect colour, texture and weight.

2:  Hanging about in the airport, delays or long journeys? If you have your knitting with you, this won’t feel like time wasted.

3:  It’s the ultimate relaxation activity. The repetitive movements of repeatedly knitting stitches has been likened to meditation.  Furthermore, concentrating on complex knitting patterns and skills allows your mind to focus entirely on your knitting and forces you to leave behind the stresses of work and home life.

4:  Meet new people.  Your knitting will spark lots of conversations and before you know it you will make lots of new holiday friends.

5:  Take home a special keepsake from your holiday.  Long after your sun tan has faded (or your sun burn has healed) and the sand has gone from your flip-flops, your finished knitting will always bring back happy memories of your holiday.

Happy Holiday!


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