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Kids Knit is a professionally designed course of knitting projects and crafting activities which gently encourages children to develop their creativity while building crafting skills.

Children collect patterns, puzzles and activity sheets along with certificates to reward their achievements and keep them motivated and enthused about their crafting skills.

Our accredited Knitting For All teachers are certified to deliver our Kids Knit classes.  

Fun Projects

Attractive age and stage appropriate activities keep children learning at a pace that suits them.

Natural Fibres

Smooth, merino wool like Rowan Big Wool and Pure Wool Worsted, ensures children enjoy their knitting experience.

Knitting & More

Crochet, weaving, felting and sewing are popular activities at our classes, holiday clubs, and birthday parties.

What people say

Read the lovely comments people have left about our Kids Knit classes.

“Great knitting class for boys and girls to learn a lifelong skill. Wonderful teachers and environmental messages too.”


10 Good Things

Kids Knit features four levels of knitting: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Within each level, there are many projects to choose from which are specifically designed to be appropriate for that level and ability. Each project ...


Throw a Crafty Party!

A Kids Knit party is just the thing for the kids to get together for a bit of fun. They spend time chatting, laughing and being creative. What more could you want for your child’s birthday?!


Find a Teacher

Accredited Knitting For All Teachers have all completed our training course and are certified to deliver our Kids Knit classes.