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Our Knitting For All teachers have taught thousands of children, teenagers and adults to knit. Here are some of the lovely comments we've had about our classes.

“Kids Knit is carefully structured to take children from the basics through to more adventurous projects. From the earliest stage the children are encouraged to design their own projects, keeping them motivated and giving them even more pride in their achievements. I cannot recommend Kids Knit highly enough.”


“My daughter received a knitting kit one Christmas and as a mother who couldn’t knit a stitch, I began frantically searching for knitting classes for young children. About to give up, I stumbled upon Kids Knit and haven’t looked back since. My daughter attends each week and from the very first lesson, began knitting her first stitches. The classes are very informal and give each child the space to grow and learn at their own pace. My daughter has grown in confidence each week and so has her creative abilities which are building into a worthwhile life skill. What she is learning is more than just knitting, for example, sewing, felting, working with different types of wools and needles and even some history of early knitting practices! In the last 7 months she has knitted soft toys, scarf, fingerless gloves, bags, purses, and even mobile phone covers! Kids Knit is a must for any boy or girl who is keen to learn how to knit or desires to try something different, make new friends and learn a really useful skill that they won’t grow out of! Out of all the various classes my daughter has attended over the years, Kids Knit is at the top of our list.”


“Fantastic fun, amazingly creative class in a small relaxing atmosphere with a brilliant teacher. I did not believe my daughter could learn to knit at the age of 5, but she did and loves this class.”


“My daughter started knitting at the Kid’s Knit summer school last summer and we couldn’t believe what she could produce at the end of a week! She has loved her weekly class in Corstorphine, learning new skills, meeting new people – it’s an hour and a half of peace from her brother and she’s SO proud of what she produces. Kerry is fantastic with all the class who are at different levels and need varying degrees of help. Would definitely recommend for any age!”


“A wonderfully creative class for all primary age children. My daughter has a fun time knitting soft toys, purses and jewellery. She is now a confident knitter and takes great pride in the things she has made. Well done to all.”


“This is BRILLIANT. The teacher is so calm and kind with the children, my two are always clamouring to go to Kids Knit.”


“My 7 year old loves this class and is delighted with the challenges of completing a project. He usually likes sporting activities so this makes a welcome change to football.”


 “A really lovely class where children learn to knit in a friendly environment. They create small projects each week rather than embarking on a long drawn out piece and in this way keep up a great enthusiasm and excitement.”


“A really fun class, my daughter really enjoys it and loves showing off the things she’s made to the whole family. It’s given her something to share with her Grandma, which is lovely.”


“My son has been going for 2 years now and has loved learning to knit in a supportive and fun environment. He has also made some great knitted items.”


“A wonderful, friendly and creative class. The Kids use beautiful natural materials and learn to knit so quickly – It’s amazing!”


“We have known about Kid’s Knit for a while and decided to give it a go – my daughter aged 5 loves it! She finds it so exciting to be able to create something of her own that she hasn’t done before. Knitting is a great hobby to have and to learn at a young age in a lovely, friendly environment is perfect.”


“Great knitting class for boys and girls to learn a lifelong skill. Wonderful teachers and environmental messages too.”


“Wonderful innovation past time for kids. My daughter is having a swell time.”


“My son has been attending an after school Kids Knit class for nearly a year now and he loves it. I was amazed that six and seven year olds (mainly boys in his group) could be so enthused by knitting!”


“A fantastic and rewarding activity in a relaxing and creative environment where children learn to help and encourage each other. The children are able to progress at their own pace and to put their own individual stamp on the projects they tackle. The certificates add to the sense of achievement. It is an opportunity to make new friends as well as learn a lifelong skill.”


“My son has just turned 5 and absolutely loves his knitting class! He can’t wait to show me what he’s done each week, he is so proud of what he is making and the fact that he’s managing to do it by himself. It’s great to see him be so enthusiastic about it! The teachers are fantastic, very friendly and patient.”


“Fantastic knitting classes – learn new skills and make new friends!”


“The Kids Knit classes have been hugely beneficial to both my son and daughter and I have seen their confidence and creativity grow as they learnt new skills, felt the pride of making many beautiful original items and made friends. The enthusiasm, teaching skills and warmth of Kerry Kimber have made a real contribution to my children’s quality of life! I would recommend Kids Knit to every parent and child!”


“Well managed after school club. Very creative atmosphere for kids.”


“Very sociable class, gave my daughter a chance to learn a new skill in a relaxed atmosphere – nice change from more competitive classes.”



“My daughter Poppy loves her Kids Knit class and has produced the following knitted and felted projects:Her own knitting needles, a pea (complete with cute little face), a brooch, a mughug, and an owl! After each class she brings home a newly completed item and the skills to make another if she chooses to do so. A blue cotton Kids Knit bag holds her handmade felted needles and her latest knitted creations as well as a wee blue folder with quizzes and star charts so she can track her progress. Kids Knit is an enjoyable and rewarding class for children showing them they can ‘make and create’ in just a short amount of time but the skills they learn will last a lifetime!”


“Brilliant skill, inspiringly instructed.”


“Great friendly atmosphere to learn a really useful skill.”


“My daughter has discovered the joy of knitting and it’s great to see all thanks to Kids Knit.”


“My 5 year old son has loved this class. The first term demanded a certain amount of patience and perseverance from the children but now in the second term my son has got the hang of it and is making fabulous knitted things eg. a lady submarine and a knitted necklace covered in hearts and buttons. It’s wonderful that he has the opportunity to express his creativity through learning a skill that is not usually available to 5 year old boys!”


“My daughter loves her knitting classes and is learning a great new skill while having fun and making new friends.”


“Focused, calm, crafty, interesting, friendly, fun – my 7 year old LOVES Kids Knit! And I love all the little knitted gifts she brings me.”


“Appealing to both boys and girls this fantastic group combines art and craft and gives children a lifelong skill. Quickly made projects ensure no one gets bored and the friendly atmosphere promotes happiness and friendship. A great activity for all ages.”



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