How do I know if I’m a good enough knitter to be able to teach?

Being an expert knitter isn’t essential. If you are creatively capable with a good understanding of knitting, and you enjoy sharing your crafting skills with others, you have the perfect skill-set to teach knitting.


I prefer crochet – are the skills you teach in this course transferable to teaching crochet classes?

Some of the course content is transferable if you prefer to teach crochet, however all the patterns and teaching programs are knitting related.


What materials will I need?

Most keen crafters will have the majority of materials and equipment already, however a craft kit list will be provided when you book your place.


I heard Knitting For All used to be franchised. Can I buy a franchise?

We do not sell franchises anymore, we only offer training courses with accompanying support information and teaching programs.


Some Knitting For All accredited teachers use Knitting for All logos. Can I?

No – sorry! Several people now listed as teachers on our website previously bought a Knitting For All franchise. They continue to have the right to use Knitting For All logos. We don’t sell the rights to our logos anymore. People completing our training courses do not have the right to use our logos or to include ‘Knitting For All’ in their business name.


I’m already a school teacher so I don’t want to do the classroom management part of the course/ I already own my own business so I don’t need help with that. Can I opt out of parts of the course that aren’t relevant to me?

I encourage everyone to approach my training courses with an open mindset, looking for opportunities to learn new ideas and perspectives. It is beneficial to everyone to take part in all aspects of the training and accreditation will only be given to those who complete all homework tasks.


Make sure this training course is a good fit for you - Please email any questions to [email protected]