Cheddar & Wells



Hello I’m Barley, I was a primary school teacher for over 20 years and now teach knitting classes in and around the Cheddar, Wells and Winscombe areas of Somerset. 

I run after-school Kids Knit classes in primary schools and holiday workshops. Also, Knit Night & Day groups for beginners, those returning to knitting and those who would like to spend time with like minded people. Materials, patterns and projects are available or bring your own projects.

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mob: 07765 213520

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'Pippa started knitting with Barley when she was at primary school. Initially she wanted to start because Barley was her “favouritest ever teacher so if she knits, then it simply must be really fun”. How right she was! Pippa listed knitting as her favourite after school activity, above swimming, climbing, cello and choir. She has branched out into crochet and arm knitting of her own volition and has been so  inspired by Barley that she has continued to knit. She finds knitting both therapeutic and creative and always keeps in touch sending pictures of her work to Barley via her mum’s phone.Barley is kind, inspiring, gives 100% care and focus when teaching and has so many interesting and wonderful stories to share that it makes knitting more of a super fun educational joy than a mere knit-one-purl-one exercise'. Sarah, Pippa’s Mum.