Like lots of Scottish women of my generation, I learned to knit as an 8 year old in the 1960’s, sitting around the fireside with my mum, grandma and great aunt. It has always been a hobby I enjoy, and several years ago I began teaching adults and children to knit as a Knitting For All teacher in north Glasgow, based in Kirkintilloch. People are usually surprised to discover there are only two basic stitches in knitting, and that, by learning to knit, then purl, a world of knitting possibilities opens up, and I enjoy helping people to gain confidence as they discover that knitting is much less complicated than they once imagined!

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‘Our Knitting For All tutor, Alison, visits our specialist centre once a week to deliver weekly knitting classes to a group of sensory impaired individuals.  The group has been built up over the years and is now a committed core of knitters ranging from experienced to beginners.  Alison has shown great patience working with this group.  In addition she has been flexible in her approach to deliver to a group with varying communication needs from sign language users and those who are blind.  Alison’s classes are varied, fun and accessible for all’.  Giliian Mooney- Development Officer with Deafblind Scotland


I am delighted to Have found Alison's knitting class. I am a beginner and was not progressing at all with my cardigan till I joined this class. Under Alison's guidance I feel so much more confident about what I am doing, and instead of having a pile of wool, sitting in a bag, a cardigan is emerging!' Class Participant


‘Working with Alison from KFA has been great- a true collaboration with genuine care and understanding of the differing needs of those we work with and for. It has been great to have a flexible and evolving partnership, especially during 2020. The online workshops have been enjoyed by several people, and the positive feedback from participants has been great to hear. Everyone has learned something… from beginner to experienced knitter and a supportive, inclusive community has developed with Alison helping on all things knitting and crocheting as well as much needed chat and company!’  Jacqueline Ferguson. Volunteer Coordinator Do a Little, Change a Lot, Concrete Garden.