It has been so exciting seeing all the entries to our summer competition come in – we’ve had permanent smiles on our faces! Just look at Blue Bear’s fabulous outfits!

Our first prize is this wonderful book of knitted teddy bear patterns by Sandra Polley.

And three talented runners up will each receive a packet of these cute teddy bear buttons.

After much serious deliberation, and in no particular order, we are delighted to announce that the runners up are……

Ayah from Kids Knit in Corstorphine & Murrayfield. (Ayah also knitted Blue Bear herself).

Ria Jones from Bourton Meadow Academy

Ailsa who made this fabulous Harry Potter outfit at Kids Knit in Davidson’s Mains

And now for our top prize winner…..

Drum roll please!

The winner is….

Siriol from Kids Knit in Cramond.

Well done Siriol!

We have always suspected that Blue Bear is actually a super hero, and now here’s the proof! We love the combination of knitting and sewing in this imaginative and carefully crafted outfit. Fantastic job Siriol!