A few weeks ago my daughters and I took a short walk to our local second hand shops to see if we could find some interesting treasures. We set ourselves a budget of £2 each. We picked out jewellery and trinkets that caught our eye and then brought it all home to get creative! Beaded necklaces, an embroidered bag, little ornaments, a small cushion…. these objects once loved and now discarded by other folk were soon to be loved by us again!

Together with other jewellery making things like pliers, wire and earring accessories, we set to work to take apart all our treasured purchases and make them into something new.

After much experimenting with what would go best with what, laying things side by side and chatting about the pros and cons of this that and the other, some decisions were made and the sewing, threading and wire bending began!

The little cushion was decorated with beads and charms, the embroidered bag was given a pretty new handle, umpteen sets of earring were made, not to mention a million little stitch markers for us to use with small double pointed needles.

And let’s not forget the pretty little bracelets we made by threading beads onto elastic. It was fun to mix beads together that had once been separate pieces of jewellery, now brought together and made into something brand new!

The best thing about the afternoon? The great chats we had! We gave each other advice, listened to each other’s ideas, helped each other out and then together admired our afternoon’s work and proudly showed it off to the rest of the family. And all that entertainment for only a few pounds!

Do you like shopping in second hand shops? What have you bought? Have you re-purposed anything and made it into something fabulous? 

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