All of us at Knitting For All were delighted to receive an invitation to Rowan HQ for a special induction day as we embark on a partnership together.  We decided to make the most of our time away and booked into a lovely hotel nearby where we could enjoy breakfast and evening meals together and turn the event into a relaxing retreat.

Franchisees travelled from far and wide to be together – on planes, trains and automobiles!  All the Irish contingent came over to Yorkshire, and even Tracey from Inverurie (all the way up near Aberdeen) made the epic, day long journey. It was wonderful for so many of us to be together.

There was great excitement when we arrived at Rowan HQ. Many of us have been life-long fans of Rowan, having grown up learning to knit using their yarns.  To actually be in the place where all the Rowan magic happens was a real buzz!

Our day was spent establishing ways of working together with Rowan, followed by a look at their designs and yarns. It was inspiring to listen to the Rowan team talk so passionately about their work and how eager they are to get more people knitting.

After bidding a reluctant farewell to the team at Rowan, we headed back to the hotel for dinner and a surprise award ceremony.

Congratulations to our fantastic Award Winners!

Eilidh Scott, for professionalism when engaging with knitting celebrities

Barley Turner, for being the best at hugs and encouragement

Fiona Campbell and Samira Hill for pattern contribution

Charity Kuczynski for Most Promising New Franchisee

Tracey Van Loggerenberg for Excellence in Social Media

Alison McKie, Charity Kuczynski, Helen Howard, Fiona Campbell, Samira Hill

Tracey Van Loggerenberg, Andy and Deb Fogarty, Samira Hill, Janis Clinton, Eilidh Scott, Caroline kelly

Helen Bourke, Maggie South, Helen Howard, Charity Kuczynski, Kerry Kimber, Jazz McKenzie, Máire Hanley, Barley Turner