It’s competition time!

Christmas may be several weeks away, but it’s never too soon to get started on your Christmas knitting.  And what better way to get into the Christmas knitting groove than by entering our competition and knitting up a cute little Christmas Bauble.

Get creative and make up your own patterns, or use our simple patterns below as a spring board for your imagination.


Photography: Ragnar Hartvig / ARNE & CARLOS

We are delighted to announce that Arne and Carlos, best selling authors and designers known for their colourful and quirky Scandanavian influenced design will be choosing our winners.

Here’s what you need to know…

Categories: Kids Knit (4-12), Young People Knit (12-18), Knit Night & Day (adult)

Prizes: One over all winner from each category will be awarded a signed copy of  “55 Christmas Balls to Knit” by Arne & Carlos.

Submissions: Photograph your Christmas Bauble and post it to the Knitting For All Facebook page here.  This can be done at any time before the deadline.  Please say which category you would like to enter into, and state first name of the entrant only. If the entrant is in the Kids Knit or YPK category, please also supply their age.

Make the post public so everyone can enjoy it and we can share it! By submitting your photos to us, you are giving us permission to share them across all our social media and in our newsletters.

Closing Date:  7th December 2018 at 6pm.

Winners announced:  14th December.  Winners will be announced by Knitting For All on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the winning entrants will be contacted via FB messenger.

Please ensure that we can contact you!  We won’t contact you for any other reason without your permission.

Use our simple patterns below to help you with your Christmas Bauble design.  Or use your own – we don’t mind.  So long as you let your imagination run wild and crazy!

You can either knit a plain bauble in a single colour and then add the decoration with sewing, or you can add stripes, fair isle or intarsia as you knit. Or you could do both!


You will need:

  • Rowan Big Wool
  • 10mm needles
  • tapestry needle
  • stuffing
  • decoration of your choice



This bauble is knitted in garter stitch throughout.

  • Cast on 15 stitches
  • Knit 13 rows
  • Cut wool leaving a long end for sewing up. Thread end through all stitches and pull up tight. Secure with sewing and then sew up side seam.
  • Stuff lightly.
  • Run wool around cast on edge and pull up tight to gather it in and create a ball shape. Secure with sewing.
  • Decorate and add personality!




  • Knit stocking stitch
  • Decrease stitches by Knitting 2 stitches together (k2tog)
  • Increase stitches by Knitting a stitch into the front and another into the back of the same stitch (kfb)

You will need:

  • 4 mm needles
  • Rowan Pure Wool Worsted wool
  • Tapestry needle for sewing
  • Stuffing
  • Decoration of your choice



The finished bauble will be about 7cm high.

  • Cast on 7 stitches
  • Row 1: kfb all stitches (14)
  • Row 2 and all even rows, purl
  • Row 3: kfb all stitches(28)
  • Rows 4-18: stocking stitch
  • Row 19: k2tog repeat to end (14)
  • Row 20: Purl
  • Row 21: k2tog repeat to end (7)
  • Cut the wool and thread the end through the remaining 7 stitches. Pull up tight and secure with sewing. Sew up the sides and stuff.  Use some spare wool to make a loop from which the bauble can hang.
  • Decorate and add personality!