Listening Shawl

I have a shawl that I have been working on for several years. I’m knitting it in a long since discontinued Regia 4ply called Hand Dyed Effect, striping two colours together. It’s a very simple crescent shape worked in stocking stitch, and it takes virtually no...

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Kids Knit, as seen on TV!

Since Kids Knit is the UK and Ireland’s premiere children’s knitting programme, we were rather chuffed when the BBC approached our franchisee, Samira Hill, to film one of her Kids Knit classes for a Cbeebies tv show called Down On The Farm. The Cbeebies...

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Epic Knitting

I am not a hoarder.  I love chucking things out, re-using or re-cycling where I can and keeping the clutter to a minimum.  The one thing I do hoard however is yarn.  I have boxes and boxes of the stuff. Some of it is beautiful, the kind of thing I've...

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Re-purpose the Pre-loved

A few weeks ago my daughters and I took a short walk to our local second hand shops to see if we could find some interesting treasures. We set ourselves a budget of £2 each. We picked out jewellery and trinkets that caught our eye and then brought it all...

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Kids Knitter Extraordinaire!

We have some amazing children in our Kids Knit classes every week. They are each special and unique. Getting to know the children in our classes is a real privilege, so we thought we would share the joy with you, our dear followers!   Eilidh Scott teaches classes in...

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"My favourite thing about knitting is the beautiful things we make and getting to use and keep such beautiful wool”

Rosie, Kids Knit, Stockbridge

“My son just loves his knit classes, he even knits at home now and will sit for ages concentrating on it which is lovely”

Claire, Tollcross 

"Kids Knit is great, you get to make whatever your imagination tells you, you can chat with your friends and there is lots of fun and crafty things to do."

Ella (10) Kids Knit, Portobello

"Knit Nights are great for everyone. Not only did I learn a new skill but it also gives me the chance to socialise. I also found them a great way to de-stress after a busy day with the kids/work. They are fantastic nights and I can't wait till the next one".

Louise,  Knit Night & Day, Portobello

"Eilidh’s Knit Nights are a great place to bring your knitting questions, learn new techniques or just hang out with fellow knitters. It doesn't matter what level you're at, Eilidh makes sure everyone gets the attention they need. There's always plenty of chat and laughter around the table even when you've all walked in as strangers, it's a very welcoming environment".

Liz,  Knit Night & Day, Portobello

"I tried to learn to knit before - someone showed me how to - but it was only when I came to Kids Knit that I understood - as the teacher knew how to help me”

Sophie, Kids Knit, Lenzie

"In an era of increased technology use by children, I am pleased that my daughter is developing a hobby in knitting. Kids Knit classes have helped Cara gain a skill and a focus that she can continue to develop, while having fun with other children.”

 Elaine, parent of a Kids Knitter in Lenzie