Young People Knit

If you love making and personalising your own gear to go with your unique style, then Young People Knit (YKP) has been created just for you!

Join one of our weekly meet ups where you can design, create and make your own products with the help of a skilled crafts teacher. Bring your own project, get great new ideas and discover a whole new world of handmade crafts and skills.

And it’s not just knitting we offer we can also show you how to crochet, needle felt and needle point, (sometimes called “Tapestry“), as well as knitting.

Meet other enthusiastic designers and crafts people to share ideas, learn from each other and produce fantastic handmade products.

Why buy something that’s mass produced when you can create your own, quality, individual and bespoke piece? Classes are on average one hour long and prices start from £5 per class. Different teachers offer different times, days and venues.

Click here to find a class and teacher near you