Whatever the occasion, whoever the people, we’ve got the perfect party activity for you.

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A Kids Knit party is just the thing for the kids to get together for a bit of fun. They spend time chatting, laughing and being creative. What more could you want for your child’s birthday?!

For children who love to make, make, make, we have a great selection of party options to choose from. Sewing, felting, weaving, braiding, knitting and crochet, to name but a few.  Chat to your local Knitting For All Teacher about your child’s creative interests.

Prices start from £9 per child.  We provide complimentary paper party bags for the children to take home their creations and can add small craft-related gifts at extra cost. Sometimes we can also provide party food.

For extra convenience we have some some handy party invitations and thank you notes that you can print out at home and hand to your party guests.

Click here to find a Kids Knit Party Host near you!

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Whether you are celebrating the end of exams, leaving school or a special birthday, doing something creative together with your best buddies is a brilliant way to mark the occasion.

Perhaps you’d like to learn a new skill together or maybe make a keepsake so you can remember something special?  We have loads of suggestions of stuff you can make, whether you want to sew, weave, braid, knit or crochet.  You could make something for your room, an accessory or a gift for someone else.  Chat to your local Knitting For All Teacher about how you would like to make your celebration the most memorable event of the year!

Prices start from £9 per person.  You’ll get a little paper bag to take home your creations and we can provide other small gifts for an extra charge.  Sometimes we can organise nibbles and drinks or a party tea for you too.

With so much choice, there’s lots to discuss!  So pop over and find yourself a party provider here.

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We organise grown-up events for all kinds of occasions.  Hen Parties are especially popular. We also provide activities for crafting groups that meet regularly and want our input from time to time.  Sometimes people want to get together for a one-off session to learn a new skill, or they want to celebrate an event by making something beautiful with their friends.

Whether you want to work on a joint project together (like bunting as a wedding present for example) or make something individual, we have lots of suggestions that will get the creative juices flowing!  Chat to your local Knitting For All Teacher about the get-together you’re planning.

Prices start from £9 per person.  We can sometimes provide nibbles or a party buffet at an extra charge.

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"My favourite thing about knitting is the beautiful things we make and getting to use and keep such beautiful wool”

Rosie, Kids Knit, Stockbridge

“My son just loves his knit classes, he even knits at home now and will sit for ages concentrating on it which is lovely”

Claire, Tollcross 

"Kids Knit is great, you get to make whatever your imagination tells you, you can chat with your friends and there is lots of fun and crafty things to do."

Ella (10) Kids Knit, Portobello

"Knit Nights are great for everyone. Not only did I learn a new skill but it also gives me the chance to socialise. I also found them a great way to de-stress after a busy day with the kids/work. They are fantastic nights and I can't wait till the next one".

Louise,  Knit Night & Day, Portobello

"Eilidh’s Knit Nights are a great place to bring your knitting questions, learn new techniques or just hang out with fellow knitters. It doesn't matter what level you're at, Eilidh makes sure everyone gets the attention they need. There's always plenty of chat and laughter around the table even when you've all walked in as strangers, it's a very welcoming environment".

Liz,  Knit Night & Day, Portobello

"I tried to learn to knit before - someone showed me how to - but it was only when I came to Kids Knit that I understood - as the teacher knew how to help me”

Sophie, Kids Knit, Lenzie

"In an era of increased technology use by children, I am pleased that my daughter is developing a hobby in knitting. Kids Knit classes have helped Cara gain a skill and a focus that she can continue to develop, while having fun with other children.”

 Elaine, parent of a Kids Knitter in Lenzie