Our award winning knitting programme for children offers exciting and imaginative knitting classes for boys and girls aged 5 – 11. Knitting is a great way to encourage their creativity, concentration, relaxation and even improves their maths skills.

It’s a wonderfully satisfying hobby with endless possibilities for the developing creative imagination!

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Teach Kids How to Knit with our easy course and step-by-step instructions!
Now’s the perfect time for kids to learn to knit. School’s out and they’re confined to home, so a creative outlet is just what they need. Knitting helps kids learn maths, spacial awareness and mindfulness, and boosts their creativity and confidence, all while working at their own pace.

In the 5-part course they’ll learn:

How to cast on, knit, and cast off

Tips for success

How to make 3 quick, fun projects

We’ve included a simple striped cowl for when they’ve mastered the basics

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All your child needs is a ball of wool and some needles (we recommend Rowan Big Wool and a pair of size 10:00mm/US15), a tapestry needle, craft scissors and basic crafting supplies. Support your local yarn store if you don’t have what you need, or easily order online.

We recommend the course for ages 7+.

Give your child the gift of a skill they’ll have for life, and teach them about the satisfaction that comes from making their own toys and clothes, and the joy of sharing their creations with others!


The Kids Knit Programme features 4 levels of knitting: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Within each level, there are many projects to choose from which are specifically designed to be appropriate for that level and ability. Each project aims to consolidate skills learned in the previous project whilst introducing a new ones.

Our award winning classes are now available in a number of schools and venues including cafes, church halls and the homes of our teachers. They are fantastically successful with children clamouring to join in the fun and learn a new skills.

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